How do I enroll my child for this program?

The fastest way is to register through the Imagination Library website. CLICK HERE.  


How soon after registering my child will they receive their first book?

It may take 8 to 10 weeks to receive your first book.  We submit our mailing list to the Imagination Library at the beginning of each month.  They then combine our order with others worldwide to ensure enough books are printed.  Those books are then mailed the following month.


Do you offer books in other languages?

Currently, all books are written in English.  However, some may be bilingual in English and Spanish.




I have multiple children enrolled.  One received their book.  One did not.  Why?

Simply stated, there are factors beyond our control.  Over 1 million books per month are mailed in bulk from the Imagination Library.  There are different books for different age groups.  Books are also addressed individually to each child.  Please be patient as books are processed through the mailing system.   

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